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Brundavanam @ Chandan Valley, Kondaparva

Chandan Valley Confer an Admirable Experience with Natures Best Holistic Life



Far from the chaos of the concrete enclosures, rampaging traffic, aggravating pollution, everything that makes you run with time, Chandan Valley offers you a perfect escape from the humdrum of the city life and allows you to tranquil in the natural environs and discover a profound bliss. Given an opportunity, most of the people would like to enjoy in the abundance of nature, and Chandan Valley with its vision of creating an economically viable garden cities, fulfill the dreams of living in the nature with its innovative projects, and bestows the prospective customers to discover nature at Chandan Valley. Apt to its name, Brundavanam @ Chandan Valley is a perfect nature’s paradise. Come and live amidst the nature’s beauty and serenity, by owning a piece of land!

Why Brundavanam @ Chandan Valley?

With the increasing population, pollution and nature depletion in the cities there is a great demand for green living that takes people close to nature and gives a healthy life.

A beautiful and breathtaking landscape that is soaked in nature, Brundavanam has lots of surprises. From the hustle and bustle of city life, Brundavanam offers a peaceful and calm environment, with lots of oxygen to inhale and ample quality of life amidst the nature. Living in Brundavanam is a qualitative choice. The people prefer living here by owning a piece of land, are going to lead a very healthy life, as they are surrounded by pristine beauty of the nature and serene environment, complemented by the luxurious and ultra-modern amenities of a neighbourhood community. Furthermore, people who choose to live at Brundavanam are making a profitable investment.

Once you step into Brundavanam, instantly you appreciate its unique ecosystem. The flora and the diverse fauna with pristine mountains, a wealth of medical and herbal plants, several varieties of plants and trees, beautiful water bodies, endless kilometers of avenue plantations and lush greenery, the amazing landscape and species, it’s a mosaic of nature, you seem to have arrived in a land of your dreams.

The entire aforesaid are the good reasons for living in Chandan Valley Green Living, but they are not the only ones. At Chandan Valley Green Living, a luxury dream property is no longer unreachable; we have made luxury affordable and reachable for all. It is a real opportunity for those who want to manage their time and resources most effectively and lead a peaceful and healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, the growing research at the backdrop of the pandemic COVID-19 suggests that any kind of green environment makes the life happier, physically and psychologically.

Luxurious Nature Villas (Living surrounded by Nature!)


Brundavanam @ Chandan Valley brings you luxurious Nature Villas surrounded by Nature in abundance. These villas are designed to bring you closer to nature. Step into any one of these Villas, and the breathtaking view of acres of greenery will make you feel one with nature. The nature blends the contemporary design seamlessly with the unique ecology of the area. Bright and airy living spaces boast large balconies and extra-large windows to take in the spectacular views of the breathtaking natural environs and landscapes. Brundavanam Nature villas present every luxury, while carrying you back to nature!

 Infrastructure Ready Green Plots surrounded by pristine Nature!

Brundavanam @ Chandan Valley brings you a first-of-its-kind, eco-friendly green residential plotting scheme which offers the option of using plots for residential or horticultural purposes. Either way your investment is sure to reap rich rewards.

Our plots are eco-friendly, abundantly bio-diverse, pollution-free and mosquito-free zones tucked away from the city, yet easily reachable at just 50 kms from Vijayawada City. The Plots are available ranging from 260 Sq. yards to 725 Sq. yards. Each plot is offered with nine fruit bearing, and 9 hard wood trees. Brundavanam @ Chandan Valley living also offers year round plot development, and maintenance services so be rest assured and leaves everything to us.


The Chandan Valley project comprising Chandanavanam, Brundavanam, Athidivanam is a plantation project with weekend homes classified as Oasis Green, The Apple Meadows, Banana Meadows, Coconut Meadows, and a club-house for the customers of the project to stay for a couple of nights in a year. The project offers numerous advantages such as well laid out roads, endless green avenue plantations marked by trees on either sides, water harvesting systems, drip irrigation facility, waste management system, eco-friendly constructions services and more.

Come, be a part of the Chandan Valley Green Living family, and enjoy life surrounded by Nature!

Do you look for those perfect weekend homes to get away from stress of city life’s, Are you always confused which weekend home to choose as the perfect escape to feel relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated? Why not consider owning your very own Weekend Home instead? Yes, Chandan Valley Green Living brings you, Green Cottages; The Weekend Homes are set amidst breath-taking environs and offering complete serenity to those looking to escape into nature. Investing in a weekend home can provide you with a retreat which will be your very own for a life time. What more? Chandan Valley Green livings bring you the luxury of a weekend homes at unbelievably affordable costs.

The moment you enter into the Chandan Valley Green Cottages, the Weekend Homes engulfs you in its magical spell of charm, as the never ending natural landscapes welcomes you to a dream destination. These cottages are enveloped in Nature and seamlessly integrate with the undulating environs.

Nestled in the middle of world-acclaimed, eco-friendly and bio-diverse luxury resort, The Chandan Valley Resorts and Green Meadows, which is in every sense a nature's paradise, these green cottage weekend homes are favourite among patrons who want to spend some peaceful time in the lap of nature. In the midst of nature, flowers blossoming, water bodies coming alive with the sound of birds and other diverse fauna, and the expansive greenery that leaves you awestruck, these cottage or resorts are a perfect getaway whenever you want. Each Green Cottage or the wood resort has been carefully designed to minimize any impact on its natural surroundings, while offering its inhabitants spectacular views in luxurious comfort.

Reconnect with family, friends and loved ones in the comfort and privacy of this exclusive retreat of your own. The unimpeded views, elegant interiors, and unique architecture, drew considerable interest and appreciation from the folks that visited this weekend/vacation homes. Come have your very own nature’s weekend retreat at Chandan Valley Green Living!

     Unique features and advantages

  1. 20% built up area
  2. Fully furnished with all amenities .
  3. A perfect weekend home/second home
  4. Multi-benefited; live or rent out to Brundavanam @ Chandan Valley.
  5. Aesthetically designed Cottage, with a modern look.
  6. 100% Vaastu compliance
  7. 60 ft., 40ft and 33 ft. wide roads
  8. A life-time premium membership at OUD Resorts.
  9. A 7 Acres of Mega Gated Community with 80% Greenery always assured.
  10. A well-laid drip irrigation system
  11. Electrical Lines on all roads.
  12. 24/7 security
  13. Low-cost home ever offered
  14. The herbs planted in the resorts provides an eco-friendly, mosquito-free environment.
  15. Avenue Plantations on the roads