L.P No: 13/2019/R

A.P.RERA No: P06140100472



Upcoming Projects
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Investor Benefits

  1. Plantation in your particular plot, you will receive the income as per your share.
  2. The Sale / Purchase price may be different for each investor (depending on time or the phase), but all the investors are treated equally on per share basis for income distribution.
  3. During the lease period, it costs you nothing.
  4. Income (not profit) is shared 50:50 between the management and the investors.
  5. Sourcing highest quality seeds and saplings from in-house nurseries.
  6. Promoting new revenue sources through inter-cropping cash crops.
  7. Using trained man-power and taking care of all manpower issues such as availability, skill enhancements, cost and consistency, knowledge upgrades and optimum utilization.

  1. Utilizing our own state of art framing equipment to ensure prompt and timely farming activities.
  2. Leveraging on the support of reliable logistics and transport companies for on-time deliveries.
  3. Winning the appreciation of patrons and customers by professionalism and business acumen.

Key Features

  • When Days pass on if the client is not interested and if he want to cancel the agreement or quit out he can go through it as per the policy of the company. Then need to give prior information to the management.
  • Every year the management will conducted B2B and B2C mela.
  • From past four year onwards the mela is under process till now we have completed 4 mela's (after @ Visakhapatnam branch).