L.P No: 13/2019/R

A.P.RERA No: P06140100472



Upcoming Projects

Universal Cash Crops

Most of the cities are fast turning into concrete jungles with depleting oxygen levels and shrinking lung space. Cities greenery is deteriorating, and people are moving away from city prime locations to outskirts in search of a green environment, and making judicious long-term investments for a green future.

At this anecdote, Chandan Valley is a commercial crop plantation project, promoted by Universal Cash Crops. The company has business interests in Real Estate, Constructions, and Commercial Crop Plantation Projects. All of our projects are DTCP and RERA approved, and the venture layouts are RERA certified.

Chandan Valley is a plantation project promoted by Universal Cash Crops, which has a rich cash crop plantation such as Agarwood, Sandalwood, Teak, Mango, Guava and other multiple cash crops, in its ventures. Chandan Valley undertakes .the plantation projects with rigorous organic methods of cultivation, nurtures the plantations for a rich harvest; thereby the yield will reap higher returns in the native and global markets. Chandan Valley has started 50 acres DTCP approved and RERA certified layout Major Project, titled Chandanavanam, Brundavanam, and Athidhivanam at Kondaparva Village, at Vissannapet Mandal in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh, and 75 acres Brundavanam, a weekend homes at Garsingi Village, in Devarapalli Mandal, at Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh. Chandan Valley projects are situated in picture-perfect pristine surroundings, presenting a visual treat.

All of our projects are rich with commercial crop plantations such as Agarwood, Sandalwood, Teakwood, and other wood projects, medicated plants, fruits and vegetable trees, Gosala (cow-shed), theme-based parks, world-class amenities such as indoor-outdoor-adventurous games, Ayurveda & Spa, meditation halls, Amphi Theatre, Swimming Pool, a revolving restaurant which is first of its kind in Andhra Pradesh, a club-house, and breath-taking views of the valley. The projects are protected by different layers of security on 24/7basis.

We undertake cultivation of each of the plantations at our projects using the organic methods of farming, which offers a high-yield in commercial values, in the national and global markets, besides contributing to the green environment. Behind each of our plantation projects, there were consultations, and thorough guidance from agricultural scientists, academicians of agricultural universities, and agro-professionals. .

We are active not only in the sapling and cultivation of Agarwood and sandalwood plantations but also ensure that the periodical organic and other natural compost enhancements are in use for the healthy growth of the trees, across our projects. At every stage of the plantation, our experienced team of horticultural sciences, biomass, infrastructure, and real estate, ensures to complete the committed amenities to the customer. We make sustained efforts for timely delivery of the projects, thereby win their trust and sustained interest to invest in our present and upcoming projects. It elevates the brand equity of Chandan Valley amongst the prospective customers, as they are our brand ambassadors for the projects. We attribute our success to the clients, business associates, friends, well-wishers, and other professional contacts.

Our Corporate office is at Vijayawada, and the registered office is in Hyderabad. Presently, we also have a branch office at Visakhapatnam. By coordination amongst these offices, we offer attractive ventures of Agarwood and Sandalwood and Plantations which gives assured lucrative returns on your investments.

Chandan Valley cordially welcomes our prospective investors, business associates, partners, supporters, and friends to make a planned investment in our Agarwood and Sandalwood Plantation projects, to earn a decent income!


Chandan Valley

Chandan Valley aims to bring happiness and successful fortune to all. The Valley is located in the pristine surrounding of the Eastern Ghats, with a stunning visual treat for everyone at Kondaparva (V), Vissannapeta (M), Krishna (Dt) of Andhra Pradesh, India. Our team that includes of agro-business experts adheres to the highest values and standards to ensure project success and high rate of returns for the investors. The project has bought two significant benefits to all its investors. Ownership of the farm unit which you could sell or retain at the end of 15 year lease period and enjoy returns from the sandalwood plantation without working on it.

Our Registered Office is in Hyderabad, apart from that we have a sister concern branch in Visakhapatnam. Upcoming to our project, where we design your dreams come true with full of bliss and more than 10 times of profit for all supporters, investors, partners, friends and also for all the well-wishers who are planning for investments.

Management Team


    Mr.Leelaji Babu Vallebhaneni,
                Managing Patner

        Hailing from an agricultural background from Krishna District in Andhra Pradesh, he is a multi-faceted personality, with proven expertise and rich experience in diversified sectors viz. Agricultural farming, Constructions, Hospitality, Leather Industry, Real Estate and Plantations. His business career started with a leather industry, which he nurtured for over a decade. During the tenure, to meet the demand in the native and export markets, he incubated a supply-chain network, and vibrantly managed, before venturing into agricultural farming at Karnataka. He successfully managed cultivation on a rocklike soil by adopting innovative methods in agriculture farming and with a sheer determination, converted the land into fertile soil, and reaped a high yield. For a decade, he ventured into commercial and residential constructions and earned an appreciation from the customers for maintaining quality in construction, before venturing into the hospitality sector. He managed the hospitality sector for a decade. During the period, he handled service apartments at the top-notch technology companies, and also constructed and managed service apartments with food, spotless maintenance, and 24/7 security. His meticulous management of Service Apartment at top-notch technology companies earned him an appreciation, and during the period of a decade, the service apartments were one among the top three in the hi-tech city area. Later, he ventured into the real-estate and cash-crop plantations. He is spiritual at heart and has a concern for the green environment. His caring attitude earned him an appreciation from his customers and loyal business associates. He tries to balance the environment with business.



         Mr. Satya Sai Ram Godithi,

        Hailing from an agricultural family background from West Godavari District, his forefathers migrated to Karnataka. He earned a B.Tech, before venturing into his family occupation, agriculture faming. He learnt the nuances of the farming practices, before associating with Mr.Leelaji Babu in hospitality sector in 2006. Since then, he is closely associated in all the business ventures of Mr.Leelaji babu, including commercial and residential constructions, hospitality sector and the present real estate and cash-crop plantations. Being committed, hardworking, and since to the assignments, he won appreciation from the customers, and business associates for his positive attitude and smooth conduct in business.

IWST (Institute of Wood Science and Technology)

IWST (Institute of Wood Science and Technology) is a research institute situated in Bangalore. It works under the Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education (ICFRE) of the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt. of India. It recognized to be a Centre of Excellence for Sandalwood Reserach and Wood Science. We "CHANDAN VALLEY" team has been trained and certified by IWST University.


Kavitha Mishra

Famous Sandalwood Cultivator

Ms Ms. Kavitha Mishra, an Agriculturist known for her innovative Agricultural techniques, encouraged youth to develop interest in farming and gave inputs on how one can make farming a profitable one .she is a outstanding women farmer in India Karnataka. Ms. Mishra is BE graduate, has been noted and awarded as a famous sandalwood cultivator and progressive farmer from Raichur district, She is one of the best cultivators of sandalwood and also a member of IWST institute. With such scientist and well trained firmest we are taking the opinions and suggestion for the best cultivation and productivity.


Sundararaj Ramachandran

Scientist in Institute of Wood Science and Technology

Sundararaj Ramachandran is Scientist G, Forest and Wood Protection Division, Institute of Wood Science and Technology, Bangalore, India. A well reputed Scientist and Expert Advisor in introducing best methods of growing healthy Indian sandalwood santalum album for getting quality heartwood.