L.P No: 13/2019/R


Universal Cash Crops

“Universal Cash Crops” has launched a venture called Chandan Valley with sandalwood farmstead’s which yields more in the market. “Chandan Valley" deals in developing a variety of plantations such as Guava, Mango, Teak, Pomegranate, Custard Apple, Cajanus, Olive, Jatropha (Biodiesel) and multiple cash crops as host plants for sandalwood plants. With skillful specialized advices and guidance from agricultural scientists, agro-professionals and academicians from reputed agricultural universities across India, the company launches each plantation project. Universal Cash Crops undertakes the plantation projects with rigorous Bio-Fertilization (Organic Methods), that offers high percentage of returns in the national and global market, as well as their benefits to the environment.

Universal Cash Crops is very enthusiastic to introduce all the scientific and technological enhancements in the field of Sandalwood Plantations. The greatest asset to our establishment is our team professionals. Even though each one of the team brings special experience in agricultural and horticultural sciences, infrastructure, real estate, biomass and industry applications. When it comes to project planning and execution, we act as one. Our management team has not only built consensus but also could use consensus and individual expertise in constructive way to achieve peak performance in project execution. We work together to deliver phenomenal value to the clients. As our work is guided by an established vision, mission and objectives, we do complete justice to our assigned roles and responsibilities.

We ensure that each plantation project is delivered to the customers/investors with good quality, amenities, commitments and professionalism. With our wide network of friends, associates, clients and professional contacts, we created an honourable ambition to bring prosperity and happiness to all. CHANDAN VALLEY has not only developed trust and value for the company, but also offers an assurance of timely delivery of projects.


Chandan Valley

Chandan Valley aims to bring happiness and successful fortune to all. The Valley is located in the pristine surrounding of the Eastern Ghats, with a stunning visual treat for everyone at Kondaparva (V), Vissannapeta (M), Krishna-Dt of Andhra Pradesh, India. Our team that includes of agro-business experts adheres to the highest values and standards to ensure project success and high rate of returns for the investors. The project has bought two significant benefits to all its investors. Ownership of the farm unit which you could sell or retain at the end of 15 year lease period and enjoy returns from the sandalwood plantation without working on it.

Our Registered Office is in Hyderabad, apart from that we have a Sister Concern branch in Visakhapatnam. Upcoming to our Project, where we design your dreams come true with full of bliss and more than 10 times of profit for all supporters, investors, partners, friends and also for all the well-wishers who are planning for investments.




IWST (Institute of Wood Science and Technology)

IWST (Institute of Wood Science and Technology) is a research institute situated in Bangalore. It works under the Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education (ICFRE) of the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt. of India. It recognized to be a Centre of Excellence for Sandalwood Reserach and Wood Science. We "CHANDAN VALLEY" team has been trained and certified by IWST University.

Kavitha Mishra
Kavita Mishra has been noted and awarded as a famous sandalwood cultivator and progressive farmer from Raichur district, She is one of the best cultivators of sandalwood too got trained from IWST institute.