L.P No: 13/2019/R

A.P.RERA No: P06140100472


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Dhoopamaa Ghraapayaami (Offer Fragrance / Agarbatti)!

  Gandham Samarpayami (Offer Sandalwood paste/powder)!!

In our daily lives, religious rituals containing 16 different offerings to deities including Agarwood (Aquilaria malaccensis) and Sandalwood (Santalum Album), as prescribed in the religious scriptures! The uninterrupted practice of religious rituals involving the offerings is a practice for several centuries. Apart from the religious significance of Sandalwood and Agarwood, there are immense beauty and health benefits associated with these two wood plantations, with higher prices quoted in the India and abroad markets for wood and derived oil.

While Agarwood is mostly cultivated in North-eastern parts of India, Sandalwood cultivation is distributed across South India, Till 2002, forest rules prohibited cultivation, growing, felling, cutting, transportation, conversation and disposal of Agarwood and Sandalwood trees by the private landowners, and in 2002 the forest rules were amended. As per the amended rules, the private landowners are allowed to cultivate and realize the commercial value of the wood and oil of Agarwood and Sandalwood. Since the amendment of the rules, Agarwood is fast emerging as a prospective plant for cultivation, while Sandalwood is vibrant in plantation.

Vision (Sandalwood Plantation)

To emerge as a household brand for sandalwood, Agarwood and other cash crop plantations and endeavours for setting up a benchmark standard in the plantations industry in the nation.

Mission (1 Million Trees)

To accomplish a million cash crop saplings across all the projects, almost look-alike of mini-forests, thereby making a decent contribution to the green environment, and reap the decent returns on the investments to the existing and prospective customers.

Sandalwood Cultivation


Chandan Valley

Bursting at the seams of greenery with huge oxygen levels to reduce pollution in these global warming, Universal Cash Crops is where much honored to endorse a delightful plant in the world, its non-another than ‘Sandalwood'. Where as the fragrance of sandalwood is marvellous and excellent. Which emanates from its inherent natural qualities, miscellaneous, renewable and biodegradable. Moreover sandalwood is very virtuous for blocking carbon bonds with enormous oxygen levels. As well as it is very effective and efficient with less energy for its influence and it is very reliable for industrialisations.


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"I purchased a valuable piece of plot and the registration process was done very neatly. Promises delivered within the short of time. I confirm that I have received excellent plot at best price and quality"

B Subbarao / Hyderabad

"The layout, which is one of the biggest highlight of this project. Good security service. Title is very clear even after sales garden are maintained well even today. Peaceful environment & good appreciation for the amount invested"

R Malleswara Rao / Visakhapatnam

"I have purchased 2 plots in Chandan Valley Project. The speciality of the site is peaceful environment with garden, park, compound wall, good hill view and it is also very near to the bus stop. I am also very much satisfied with response and service even after purchase"

Kalyan Chakravarthy / Visakhapatnam

Chandan Valley


Srigandham Plantation

DTCP & RERA Approved Project

75 Acres Mega Gated Community


7 Security Levels

15000sft Clubhouse

Weekend Homes / Farm Houses

Indoor/Outdoor Games

10-15 times Returns on Investments








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